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Using Our Word Unscrambler

Need a fast way to figure out some scrabble words? Try our word unscrambler! This words finder will unscramble your entered letters and see what unscrambled words you can turn them into. You can use it for many things. Finding scrabble words, unscrambling letters, and training puppies. Actually, we don't recommend you use the word unscrambler to train puppies. Newspapers do much better. Which reminds us - this word unscrambler works great with newspaper puzzles.

This word unscrambler isn't hard to use - enter your letters and it will generate a list of suggested words. The words are sorted based on word length. The solver is designed to look good and load quickly on mobile phones. We used a public domain dictionary as our word list. We have other versions: first letter and length, ranked by scrabble points.

Need more options? Then check out some of our other projects. We built tools to unscramble letters, unscramble words. We also built a word descrambler and a jumble solver and anagram maker. If you need a word unscrambler, we've got an option for you!

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