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Word Unscrambler - FAQ

Welcome to the new version of our word unscrambler; we've redesigned the site to work even better on mobile phones. Loads up to 90% faster and uses up to 95% less data than other leading word solvers. This whole site is about providing word unscramble help.

What Is A Word Unscrambler?

Ever need to unscramble letters to make words? We've got the perfect tool for you. Our free word unscrambler will helpfully make words from letters. It is the perfect solution for any word unscramble game. We could also refer to our word finder as a word unscrambler cheat (but not in polite company....)

Building A Better Word Unscrambler

So out of all the different word unscramblers on the internet, why use this one?

Is there some shortage of good word finders? In a word. Yes. Let's face it, most of these word unscrambler sites are antiques that exist only to milk a few pennies of digital advertising revenue. We can do better.

We rebuilt our word unscrambler program from the ground up with the latest mobile web design features. It loads quickly and - more importantly - the word unscrambler results don't use much cell phone data either. In many cases, it may have even loaded directly from Google's cache - we use some new features that work really well with Google search. If you're using an older phone, these features are especially critical. Better yet - we're secure. We included an HTTPS certificate (because its 2019) so your sessions are secure from nosy ISP's attempting to inject advertising into your session (like a certain airport). And of course, we kept the word unscrambler free and don't require you to download an app to your phone.

The dictionary is pretty solid, so you can use this as a science word unscrambler if you need to.

What Words Can Be Made From The Letters...

If you're asking Can You Unscramble These Letters? The answer is probably yes (if we're talking about English). We use a standard public domain dictionary, so the site may be missing a few names and proper nouns. Extremely improper nouns, adjectives, and verbs have also been removed by popular request. The result is a tool that can unscramble words and letters. A quick riposte to any errant letter scrambler or word scrambler which should stray into your presence.

What about other languages?

We are working on a word unscrambler spanish but the situation is rather tense....

What do you mean by word scramble game?

Ah. This site works great for Scrabble Words (a word unscrabler?), Words With Friends, Word Scrambles, and similar word puzzles. It even works as a 14 letter word unscrambler if you're willing to wade through a lot of results.

Can You Unscramble The Letters...

The answer is probably yes. See the unscramble words solver above. It can make words with letters you give it. It can easily unscramble long words. It works just as well as a 12 letter word unscrambler as an 8 letter word unscrambler. (No idea why that is even a question from our audience, but yes... we can do it...)

Can You Use the Word Unscrambler For Word Games?

Yes. It works quite well as a scrabble word finder and a text twist unscrambler. Be nice though, you don't want people to start calling you out as a word scramble cheat for unscrambling words you don't have a reason to know. That might disrupt your word game.

Crossword puzzle solutions require a different solver, by the way. That is based on pattern matching not a word unscramble tool. Other than that, you are good for scrambled word puzzles.

What About a Multiple Word Unscrambler?

Also on the drawing board. We have few design questions however... if you have a need for a multiple word unscrambler and are willing to help test the design, email us at admin-at-wordunscrambler-us (adjusted to prevent pests and spammers). The same goes for a two word unscrambler. The anagram solver is flexible.

Do You Have A Word Scramble Maker?

Yes, we've got a word scramble maker but we posted it on another site. Message us for a link. We also have an unscramble words game posted there.

What 7 letter word is spelled the same backwards?

Ah, you're looking for palindromes. Specifically:

And some odd ones

And of course, remember that TACO CAT is a palindrome.

Can You Find A Scrabble Word?

Certainly. The open source word list behind this word unscrambler tool is used as the scrabble dictionary for many word games. That makes this site an efficient scrabble cheat (if you're inclined in that direction). It should load very quickly as well, since most of the time we're hosting on Google's Search CDN.This powerful word unscrambler works best as memory jogger. It will give you some meaningful word ideas and you can do the rest from there. Consider it a little bit of free vocabulary help, a quick way to find a valid word to play. While it gives you several word options to play, you'll still need to find the highest scoring word you can fit into a scrabble board. Don't like the results? Hit the green button again to see if there are any new word ideas. Or swap your tiles and try again (keep a few vowel tiles). The word descrambler doesn't care. It just takes the jumbled letter options you feed it and tries to crack your puzzle game (except word search).

Is it a Jumble Solver?

Indeed. You can use this word solver to crack a jumbled word puzzle. From your entered letters, it can spot unscrambled word ideas. You can take the jumbled letters and use them to unscramble jumbled words. People may also call this a scramble solver, word finder, word generator, letter unscrambler, and scrambled letters tool.

The anagram solver will bumble through your jumble, in other words. The anagram dictionary word finder is powerful enough to unscramble letters efficiently. All hail the anagram, may it ever be unscrambling letters for word game wonder. Yet another reason to love word puzzles.

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